Body By Bowens Momentum Challenge

Body By Bowens is teaming up with Healthcode to fight preventable disease!  The Body By Bowens Momentum Challenge requires participating in Healthcode’s Million Mile Month challenge!

“What is Million Mile Month?” you ask. Million Mile Month is a challenge to complete 1,000,000 miles of physical activity together as one global community this April.  You can count any extra activity toward mileage using Million Mile Month’s simple mileage conversion and tracking page!  

Body By Bowens will be putting on a free online bootcamp to encourage more physical activity!  The bootcamp will run every Saturday in April from 1pm-1:45pm CT.  This is called the Momentum Challenge because we’re aiming to get more people started toward their fitness journey, so the bootcamp will be catered to beginners trying to get back into a routine!

Body By Bowens is challenging you to step up your activity level with a variety of exercise! Are you up for the challenge?

Here is how to get started:

  1.  Register at: ;You can register for free by selecting the bronze option and entering $0.00.
  2. Select “Body By Bowens” when prompted to select an organization
  3. Send your full name, e-mail address, and personal fitness goal to:
  4. Like or Follow the official Million Mile Month social media pages. This is where they will announce the prize winners and keep you up to date on all the other fun HealthCode

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Million Mile Month

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o Instagram: 

Body By Bowens

Starting the Challenge

  1.  Spread the word to your friends and family about your participation in Body By Bowens Momentum Challenge and get them involved too!
  2. Each Saturday I will send out an email containing the link for the bootcamp session.  The bootcamp will be all bodyweight exercises and will have regressions and progressions provided to accommodate for a variety of fitness levels.
  3. Come April, sign on to your Million Mile Month Personal Profile page and enter your activity miles or minutes. Entering your activity is simple through the web site and is mobile friendly, accessible from any device. (Or sync up with Fitbit or MapMyFitness.)
  4. Check out the Public Leaderboards to see how our team is doing in the rankings.
  5. See our private Body By Bowens Leaderboard by clicking on our team (organization) name in your Private Profile page.

Momentum Challenge Prizes

Everyone who registers for the Body By Bowens Momentum Challenge will receive:

  • 1 Half Hour Fitness Consultation
  • 1 Full Hour Body By Bowens Live Video Session

At the end of the month, one team member that has registered and attended all of the bootcamp sessions will receive