Client Reviews

“I aim to deliver an unrivaled training experience!”

Howard is a dedicated trainer who works with you to get the best out of you. He always has a friendly smile for you and pushes you to give maximum effort. Howard helped me get stronger while making the gym a fun place to be.

-Jay B.

Howard is an excellent trainer. He’s very approachable, helpful, and motivating. One of my favorite memories of working with Howard was to have him working hard and sweating right there with us in class! He’s very kind, easy to ask questions of when you don’t know what you’re doing, he’s inspired me to make working out a routine in my daily life! 

-Anne H.

I have been a member of the Walgreens fitness center for years and the trainers come and go, but Howard Bowens III keeps me coming back. He is professional and compassionate. I have attended his class’s (total body strength and EXOS training) on a regular basis for the two years he has been on campus. Howard is enthusiastic and always has a positive attitude. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge for fitness with everyone. Howard provides every member with positive and constructive feedback. He explains and provides visual examples of how to complete an exercise for all levels and is always very mindful of safety. He makes each experience fun without feeling repetitive. He is an excellent coach and trainer.

-Julie S.

Howard helped me get fit following an injury. He listened to me describe where it hurt and developed a training plan for me. With Howard’s help I was able to compete in sports again.Howard was a great motivator. I was not into fitness and didn’t enjoy it until I met him. He always found a way to get more out of me and push me beyond my own expectations. His calm demeanor and easy going attitude made him a pleasure to work with. With his positive attitude, I believe he can go anywhere he wants and make a huge impact.

-Averill G.

I first met Howard when I joined the fitness center at Walgreens. I was immediately impressed with his passion and energy to empower me to improve my performance. Howard worked very hard to find a training solution that worked for me. Additionally, he works tirelessly to ensure that you are not just working out, but working out in the correct movement or position. His technical coaching skills are outstanding.

Recently, I suffered a knee injury that I was really struggling with which was not allowing me to train as I would like. Howard worked to develop a new prescriptive game plan that immediately improved my strength and range of motion.

Lastly, Howard truly cares about those he interacts with and genuinely wants them to succeed. It makes working with him so enjoyable.

-Mark S.