Slow Aging with Collagen

Industry Change Recently, the health and wellness industry has begun to recognize a new way of looking at movement and the body’s overall support system.  In the past, we’ve learned that our bodies are made up of 206 bones, 12 organs, 640 muscles and skin.  Many traditional weight training methods support the idea that movement comesContinue reading “Slow Aging with Collagen”

The New Year, New Me Success Guide

Alright so we’re approaching the new year and I know I’ll start to see all of the suddenly optimistic New Year Resolution-ers posting their New Year New Me propaganda all over social media.  We can also expect to see the oh so negative Resolution Bashers posting sarcastic memes basically poking fun at the optimism andContinue reading “The New Year, New Me Success Guide”

Essential Movements: Squat

The second essential movement pattern I’ll cover for the series is the squat pattern.  This is technically a total body movement, but is considered a knee dominant lower body pushing exercise.  Performing a bodyweight squat is important for everyone and I wouldn’t even consider d0ing a weighted squat until you’ve perfected this first!  Check outContinue reading “Essential Movements: Squat”