Body By Bowens is a Training and Nutrition Studio Based in Buffalo Grove, IL.

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Optimize Your Wellness

Customized private and semi private training focused on improving imbalances, gaining lean muscle mass, and increasing joint mobility. We start by assessing body composition, movement and posture. Next, I’ll proceed to create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. Finally, we’ll work toward reaching those goals!

Meet the Trainer

I’m Howard Bowens, founder of Body By Bowens!  I provide fitness and nutrition services to Chicago’s North Suburbs! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF) and Certified Nutritionist (Precision Nutrition) who specializes in Corrective Exercise/Rehabilitation Strategy (Gray Institute CAFS),Performance Training (EXOS XPS), Kettlebell Training (Kettlebell Athletics Level 2), and other unconventional training styles (Steel Club, Steel Mace, ViPR)


Structured private and semi-private training as well as lifestyle and nutrition management with a unique holistic approach to support a high performance lifestyle.  I can accommodate any fitness level and all programs are customized just for you!

VR Training System

The VR training system is a holistic approach to wellness which aims to improve how well exert energy on the environment through our physical and mental ability (Vitality) and also how well we can accept energy from the environment through our physical, mental and emotional responses to stress (Resilience).

Vitality – Capacity to live and develop, physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed

Resilience – An ability to recover from, or adjust easily to misfortune of change

The only way to reach pinnacle performance is to address movement, nutrition and recovery.  The VR training system is a holistic strategy rooted in the latest wellness concepts backed by research from industry leading institutes.